Convenient Test Management System (TMS)

TMS DoQA helps to customize the testing process of any digital products and increases the efficiency of the QA team.
Интерфейс TMS DoQA

What is TMS DoQA for?

Test Management System (TMS) is an effective test management solution with advanced planning, reporting and reuse functions.


Maintaining of test documentation in a single format by each team tester. Reporting on the results of all types of tests in one tool.

Team Management

Distribution of tasks for creating and passing tests, monitoring of work progress, control of access and user rights.


Monitoring of testing cycles and test results, prompt collection of information about the quality of the product.

Visualization of reports

Visualization of metrics for test runs and test launches. Reports on the current state of the process and the final test results.


Projects, spaces, test cases, checklists, an editor for creating and managing of tests in a single interface with flexible configuration.

Accuracy of solutions

Risk management in testing and decision-making on product readiness or refinement based on data.

Manage the testing of digital products in a secure and flexible system

Testers, QA engineers

Create and maintain test documentation in a convenient system according to uniform standards and integrate the results of autotests.

QA Team Leaders

Control the testing process, analyze the results and make decisions based on metrics.

PM, management

Monitor the quality of the product and testing activities, make changes to the process and generate reports.

DoQA Developer — IT Test Team

DoQA is an IT Test company own development. Over the last 8 years on the market, we have become one of the best in the field of QA and, like no one else, we understand what testers need. We have created the system that takes into account the pros and cons of various TMS and is suitable for any team wishing to improve the quality of testing.

IT Test is the agency of the year in the “Mix – QA and testing of digital projects” category
Награды DoQA

The best import-substituting IT solution
The best IT solution, development and integration
The best business solution
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Разработчик DoQA — команда IT Test


Work on each project in an organized system of test cases, checklists and runs.

DoQA управление проектами

Create convenient multi-level checklists, copy and move steps, filter checklists by tags and statuses.

DoQA тест-кейсы

Create cases in the desired structure using the optional fields. A convenient editor with dynamic numbering will speed up work, and the history of changes and launches will allow you to track the behavior of the case.

DoQA чек-листы

Create runs from test cases and checklists, mark completed steps, record the time spent on completion, and collect data for analytics.

DoQA плеер прогонов и чек-листов

Integrate autotest results so that all reporting is conveniently viewed in one tool. Send new autotest reports directly to the system or upload existing ones to TMS.

DoQA автотесты

Bug reports can be sent to Jira, Yandex Tracker and YouTrack directly from the DoQA interface.

DoQA управление проектами

Visualize the statistics of runs by their statuses, detected bugs, time spent and performers, analyze the quality of the product and share reports with colleagues.

DoQA отчёты

Ensure data security by configuring access levels for different users of the system — ban, view, edit, or administer.

DoQA Уровни-доступа



Intuitive interface

DoQA helps solve daily problems and organize processes so as not to think about their technical component.

No redundant functionality

The system covers the main testing tasks and does not impose features that the team will not use.

Ergonomic system

A thought-out component structure and common elements with the possibility to update the parameters throughout the project.

Democratic price list

We support the development of testing culture and accessible tools for teams of any size.

Responsive technical support

We promptly solve technical issues, immerse ourselves in client projects and help with moving to DoQA from other TMS.

Possibility of individual development

In some cases, we are ready to implement the functionality you need upon request.

Adaptive cross-browser system

You can work with DoQA on any OS in any browser, you only need Internet access.

Server version with perpetual access

The purchased version remains with you forever, only updates are additionally paid.


Secure data storage in the cloud in a separate database for each company without installations and complex settings.

Recent releases

2.4 from 4/07/2024

Long-awaited autotests and integration with YouTrack. The system has begun to move towards the status of a universal tool for working with any type of tests.

2.3.5 from 3/06/2024

The new release features integration with the Yandex Tracker project management system.

2.3.0 from 25/04/2024

DoQA has the first integration with an external service - Jira. Now bug reports can be sent to Jira directly from the TMS interface.

Our clients


Преимущество TMS DoQA


The history of all changes

Преимущество TMS DoQA


Real-time notifications

Преимущество TMS DoQA


GitHub, Bitrix24, Redmine, Postman

Преимущество TMS DoQA

Importing and exporting

Increasing the formats for importing and exporting documentation

Преимущество TMS DoQA

New variables

Variables used in writing tests

Преимущество TMS DoQA


UI, load, unit testing

Преимущество TMS DoQA

Time tracking

A counter of the time spent on creating tests

Преимущество TMS DoQA

More analytics

Expanding of analytics and reports


Are you already using another TMS?

When moving to DoQA for any annual cloud tariff from another TMS, we will extend the validity period of our tariff for free for a period equal to the unused period of the other system (upon submission of payment documents). For the server version, we will extend the period of free updates for a similar period.
* If you have documents confirming payment for TMS.
Переход на TMS DoQA

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Get free access to the cloud version of DoQA for 30 days without restrictions — full functionality and any number of testers on the project.
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DoQA now has integration with Jira, Yandex Tracker and YouTrack. Development plans include integration with other popular systems that are necessary for convenient testing. Follow the news in our Telegram channel. If you want to learn about a specific service or suggest your idea, write to, and perhaps your request will be next in line for implementation.

Yes, after completing the cloud trial we will give you a backup and media storage with all the necessary instructions. All you have to do is deploy the server version of DoQA on your equipment and connect to the database that contains data from the cloud version.
One of the advantages of DoQA is responsive technical support. We help with data import, provide advice and suggest how to optimize documentation for easy transfer. We analyze each case separately — write to us, and we will definitely tell you how to do everything right.

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